What is Self-Hypnosis?

What-is-Self-HypnosisSelf-hypnosis is a peaceful, rewarding journey into self, an exploration into one’s own unlimited potential. There is nothing mysterious or strange about self-hypnosis. In fact, what it produces is a “comfort state of relaxation” that allows you to open the doors to your consciousness. In effect, it permits you to communicate with your deeper self or in other words, to get in touch with your essence or true personality.

What you will discover in your state of relaxation, is a self that is receptive to making the positive and loving changes you wish to occur in your life and you can, because it is in your potential to do so. The problem is that you may be in the habit of negative thinking and so negative doing. You may have spent a great deal of your lifetime believing that you are a smoker, an over eater, an underachiever or some other negative, harmful belief that you have turned into a reality and lifestyle. Self-hypnosis can assist you in most simply exchanging your negative beliefs into positive ones.

We are NOT our shortcomings. We only believe that we are! We are NOT our fears. We only think that we are! We are NOT our angers, regrets or mistakes. We only conceive that we are! This is why self-hypnosis can play such a positive role in our lives. Self-hypnosis is NOT about changing ourselves but rather returning to our (real or natural) selves and our real and natural selves are loving, happy and creative. It can be said that through self-hypnosis we can rid ourselves of the mental garbage that we have probably gathered over most of the years of our lives. Indeed, in the far reaches of what we are getting at here, you have been your own worse subject of hypnosis all along.

Hypnosis carries you beyond the superficial, and reaches deep into the heart of your emotional issues, affecting behaviors and attitudes you could never reach otherwise. The peaceful, calming state of hypnosis let’s you reprogram your mind for lasting life-changing results. Self-hypnotic auto suggestions can help you change almost any actionable behavior. What would you like to improve about your life? Want to feel healthier? Solve relationship issues? Simply learn to relax at the end of a killer day? When you plant suggestions into your sub-conscious, they become part of your mind’s programming. Self-hypnosis can edit your existing mind-set or program, turning bad thoughts to good and negative behaviors to positive.