Self-Hypnosis and Smoking Cessation

Self-Hypnosis-and-Smoking-mainRemember when you’d reach for a cigarette whenever you were stressed-out? That habit took years to reinforce, and emotional stress can be a powerful trigger. So what can you do when anxiety sets in and threatens your resolve? First, remember, cravings last only 7-10 minutes! Pay attention to your thoughts. Self-hypnosis can be a powerful alternative Relaxation Therapy to help you with this by replacing any negative inner thoughts with a strong suggestion that embodies positive thinking.

The key is to be able to find comfort without smoking. When you’re feeling tense, replace the urge to smoke with Meditation and deep breathing, visualize your success with guided imagery, imagine how you’ll feel with clear, pink lungs! Self-hypnosis can guide you in doing this. As you breathe, you will release from your body the compulsion to smoke, as you relax, so will your cravings.

Self-hypnosis can give you greater power over cigarettes even before you quit! The process of preparing your mind to live smoke-free is as important as setting the stage with a clean and healthy environment. Studies show that Self-hypnosis can be an important component in helping you replace your smoking behavior with positive alternatives. You can learn how to find comfort and self-healing without cigarettes in times of anxiety and be able to attain deep and fulfilling relaxation without tobacco or cigarettes. You will discover you have a new power over this dangerous, filthy habit and you will be charged with motivation and energy to prevail! Self-hypnosis helps you visualize your goals and see them through with true conviction, it also provides the critical and fortifying support you need after you quit.

OK, so you’ve thrown away that last cigarette, what happens now? The affect on a body free of smoking is almost immediate:

In twelve hours, carbon monoxide levels decline rapidly.

In two days, the nicotine and its by-products are out of your system.

In about three months, your lungs regain the ability to clean themselves.

In 10 years, your risk of lung cancer is more than halved and continues to decline over time.

In a year, your risk of dying from heart disease has halved.