Reviews & Testimonials


“I’ve gained so much through the coaching and courses. In just a few months my Mental well-being is so so much better than it has been in 40 years. I am finding Emotional well-being. I Feel so much more peaceful and calm. After the first month I was 100-fold more advanced in my emotional well-being.

I’ve never had any compassion for myself. I’ve always had compassion for others. I’ve learned both the importance of having compassion for myself, and also how to do it.
After several months I’m staying focused on my Intentions & Goals daily. I used to struggle to meditate. Now I meditate regularly. The meditations are without a doubt the best part.
I highly recommend both Scott’s coaching and the courses.”
– A – Salt Lake City, UT

“Thank you for all the tools you’ve provided me in this course. Working with you, the pandemic has worked in my favor allowing me to take a step back, see things in a different perspective, and grow from constant learning.”
JS – Phoenix, AZ

“The techniques that Scott uses, teaches, and guides and assists you through have helped me to make amazing shifts in my perception of myself and my ability to love myself. I feel the benefits and effects immediately from Scott’s techniques..”
– TB – Kalispell, MT

“The benefits I have received have been so much more than I could have ever hoped for. Scott has helped to change my life and I hope other have the chance to see and experience the joy I am now living!!”
– Anon – Santa Clarita, CA

“I have been able to stay positive all this time. I have been really enjoying myself more lately.”
– DG – Seattle, WA “Thank you for the tools for transformation!”
– JS – Phoenix, AZ

“I just wanted to let you know that I love your work. This has been so good for me. Thank you so much.”

– SH – Missoula, MT



“Some things I accomplished in these courses:

– Seeing anger as an emotion and dealing with it. I’m in control.
– Letting go of fears.
– I feel only love and compassion when I look at the loved one I was struggling with. I no longer feel anger.
– I understand the law of attraction better, and positive thinking, and work daily on thought patterns that work for me.
– I understand the power of breathing and I’m using the meditation tools.
– I have decreased worrying and increased self-care.
– I’m better at resting, reading, diet, exercise, watching silly TV for a good laugh.
– I let go of doing everything for everyone.
– I’m embracing my imperfections. I’ve let go of perfection.
– I have let go of the negative past, I’m rewriting those stories.
– I have the knowledge that I am in charge of how I feel/deal with things/emotions.
– I changed being judgmental to being compassionate.
– I’m practicing daily gratitude, and I’m realizing that challenges have a purpose.
– Your words: “Don’t attempt to offer more gifts of love than you can afford.” Instead I’m now striving for my own inner peace, calm and centeredness.
I know I will have to work at not slipping back, but I feel that I have a very good foundation.”
– SS – Oakland, CA

“I had tried coaching 3 times before Scott without very satisfactory results. Scott and the courses were recommended to me and I’m glad I took the chance. This time the coaching really worked!
Through Scott and the courses I’ve quit vaping tobacco after smoking or vaping for 50 years, and have made many other positive changes. My mental and emotional well-being has definitely improved. I feel more able to deal with things in a calm way.
I feel like I’m finding my way again. I feel respected and honored by Scott. I love the coaching calls and the structure of the program suits me.
I would recommend this course if the person truly wants to move forward. It requires a commitment.”
– CP – Scottsdale, AZ

“My work with you has helped my life greatly. I came to you to resolve and clear my feelings of negativity. I’ve achieved great results with your help.” – Seattle WA

“If you would like to reach your dreams, simply call Scott McMaster.”  – Kelseyville CA

“Thank you for listening and not judging my outbursts. Without judgment, you guided me how to heal this. I am so thankful for our time together.” – Phoenix AZ

“Thank you for helping me reduce my stress and anxiety. I have been able to let go of my anxiety and not let it rule my life or cause stress.” – Yuma AZ

“I started noticing improvements immediately. The benefits I have received from my phone appointments have been so much more than I could have ever hoped for.” – New York NY

“Please accept my thanks… I now wake up with enthusiasm in anticipation of all the adventures the day will bring…” – Cottonwood AZ

“Thanks for bringing these powerful tools to my awareness. I just want to tell you that I am really thankful for our coaching. I love it.” – Monterey Bay CA

“I’ve never felt better in my life. I’m finally after many years of pain, with Scott’s help, putting my past aside. He has taught me how to live in the present and to be present in each moment of my life.” – Phoenix AZ