A couple tools for manifesting what you want

Tools for Manifesting Your Desires - Tools for Manifesting Abundance

Need a little help manifesting something? Or changing your thoughts on a subject? Have you read The Secret but struggled to make it work for you? Here’s a couple tools that may help:

What do you want? Define it clearly. Get a mental image of it in your mind. If it’s something less tangible, use a mental image of the changes likely to occur if it manifests. A house or a car are easy to conjure up in your mind. A job when you’re unemployed may be more difficult. In the case of the job, picture yourself happily going to work. See yourself (happily) depositing your generous paycheck. See your bills paid and your savings account building. Create images in your mind.

Now write the goals down. In the example above of a car or house, print pictures. Whatever you can put together that reminds you of the goal. Now set the intention to see these images in your mind for 1 minute each, every morning and every night. Look at the pictures. Close your eyes and fantasize. Fantasize as if you’re already there. Feel how good it feels, how awesome it is and (this is important) be thankful for it. (If you can’t find the gratitude initially, be patient with yourself. But don’t stop fantasizing and thinking about what you want.) When you’re able to, increase the time. Do it for 2 or 3 minutes. Or 5 minutes each. The longer you hold the intention, and the more frequently you do it, the more powerfully you’ll attract it to you.

Ignore any fears or doubts that may come up. When I began doing this I frequently had pictures come up in my mind of exactly the opposite of what I was trying to think about. Ignore them. Push them away… remind yourself that they’re just the old habits of thought. Remind yourself that those are just old thoughts that you’re choosing to change. Ignore them and go back to thinking about your intention.

Keep this up until you have achieved it. Keep refining the goal in your mind, fantasizing about it more, elaborating on the fantasies. Try to feel the excitement of it. Be thankful for it!

During the first 3-4 days you may go through a day or two that it’s hard to do. DON’T STOP. Brush off any frustrating, unwanted thoughts and keep trying. What you’ll find is that by around day 4 or 5 it will start to get much easier. A week or two into it you’ll look forward to it because thinking of the goal will make you blissful. Then one day you’ll wake up and realize that there’s no need to do the daily fantasies on that goal, because it’s already manifested. You’re living in the house, or you’re driving the car, or you’re going to work each day at an awesome job.

You might start seeing signs that it’s happening. You may start seeing in your mind the steps to take to achieve or acquire it. Sometimes the manifestation will just appear out of nowhere. Other times you’ll be guided to it, a step here, an action there, sometimes without even realizing that the actions you’ve been taking have been moving you to the goal.

While you’re doing this, make a strong effort to reach for joyful thoughts. Do things that make you smile. Get outside every day. Limit the amount of time you spend with negative people. Spend more time with the folks in your life that are positive and hopeful. Listen to recordings and watch videos that encourage and motivate you. Watch TV shows that make you laugh. Hopelessness and pessimism repel our desires. Joy softens us, and makes us much more receptive to the good that is around us.

If you have resistance to any of these things that is preventing you from being joyful or taking action or both, hire a coach. Get some help getting right with yourself and life. Spend several months working on your vibration. Get passionate about yourself. That passion will translate to your manifestations!

I get great joy from your success, so please share it! In addition to bumping up my bliss level, sharing your experiences can help you find ways to make it more fun and easier, while also helping others.

Scott McMaster is a Life Mastery Coach, Business Coach and Mediator in Prescott, Arizona.


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