Emotional Well-Being Intensive Course


“Some things I accomplished in these courses:
– Seeing anger as an emotion and dealing with it. I’m in control.
– Letting go of fears.
– I feel only love and compassion when I look at the loved one I was struggling with. I no longer feel anger.
– I understand the law of attraction better, and positive thinking, and work daily on thought patterns that work for me.
– I understand the power of breathing and I’m using the meditation tools.
– I have decreased worrying and increased self-care.
– I’m better at resting, reading, diet, exercise, watching silly TV for a good laugh.
– I let go of doing everything for everyone.
– I’m embracing my imperfections. I’ve let go of perfection.
– I have let go of the negative past, I’m rewriting those stories.
– I have the knowledge that I am in charge of how I feel/deal with things/emotions.
– I changed being judgmental to being compassionate.
– I’m practicing daily gratitude, and I’m realizing that challenges have a purpose.
– Your words: “Don’t attempt to offer more gifts of love than you can afford.” Instead I’m now striving for my own inner peace, calm and centeredness.
I know I will have to work at not slipping back, but I feel that I have a very good foundation.
…Oakland, California


Emotional Well-Being – The Essentials

The Emotional Well-Being Course contains The Essentials to help you understand and manage both your thoughts and emotions. plus a lot more.

This Intensive is designed to help you understand you. To help you take control of you. To help you accept and approve of you. To help you understand why you’ve done and do the things you do.

When we have relationship challenges with others, the place to begin to heal those challenges is with… you.

Understand the relationship between your thoughts and feelings. Dramatically reduce fear and anxiety. Learn how to dance past the stressful moments that occur. Decode your belief systems. See yourself honestly, and clearly.

This course is recommended for those with fewer or milder challenges. Excellent for those with greater challenges when combined with Session 2.
($200 discount available when investing in both courses. Contact us for more information.)

Course Includes:

6 Personal Appointments (Phone, Skype or Zoom)
Both Course and Personal Blueprint are fully customized to your specific challenges, intentions and situation
Video, Audio, easy, daily Exercises and Tools, many created specifically for you, others chosen specifically for you
Consistent personal support throughout the course (text and email support in-between regular personal coaching appointments)
Guaranteed Support for continued success long after the course has ended

Investment  $795.00

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“I’m so glad I’ve been talking to you. You just help me see things more clearly. I’m so much more comfortable with myself and my mom’s passing. Thank you.” – Somerton AZ

“You really know how to pinpoint certain thought processes within me. These subtle thought processes can be really self-defeating.” – Phoenix AZ

“Working with you was unlike all the counseling I have sought for these issues. Instead of just talking, you helped me work through them. I’ve learned to ride the wave of life, instead of battle against it. I’m a much happier person, and am in a much happier relationship, thanks to you Scott!” – Yuma AZ

“I was amazed at the progress we made in just the first appointment.” – New York NY

“Thank you! I’m so glad I called you to help me with this. What you worked with me on is exactly how I want to handle it, and who I choose to be.” – Yuma AZ

“The techniques that Scott uses, teaches, and guides and assists you through, have helped me to make amazing shifts in my perception of myself and my ability to love myself.” – Kalispell MT

“Working with Scott not only changed my life in so many ways, but brought back a relationship with my ex-husband. Every session with Scott left me feeling empowered, hopeful and calm.” – Yuma AZ