Business Development Coaching

Scott McMaster, Business Mentor

  • 30+ years Business Management and Accounting Management experience.
  • 20+ years experience coaching business owners, managers, employees and families.
  • Successful Entrepreneur – Owner or co-owner of several successful business endeavors since 1987. (Including Creative, Agriculture, Manufacturing and Online Sales entities.)
  • Corporate and Accounting Management experience in both startups as well as businesses with greater than $50Mil sales.

Do you have any of these situations or dynamics occurring in your business?

  • Disorganized, overwhelmed, or chaotic.
  • Profit levels decreasing (or not increasing proportionate to potential).
  • Productivity decreasing (or never reaching the levels you believe possible).
  • Lack of communication (or combative communication) between managers, subordinates, or departments.
  • Missed deadlines.
  • Lack of accurate information available for effective decision-making.

Contact Scott McMaster Coaching to:

  • Turn around once-great or high-potential employees currently struggling with physical, family, emotional and other personal challenges.
  • Evaluate and assist with staff capability and placement.
  • Assist management and employees to set and accomplish goals and objectives.
  • Resolve working relationship issues to enhance both teamwork and contentment.
  • Train or organize new or existing employees.
  • Accounting clean-up & reconciliations.
  • Balance Sheet and Income Statement reconciliations.
  • Financial Reporting creation and coordination.
  • Business Management Consulting
  • Owner and Manager Mentoring
  • Employee Training and Mentoring
  • Organizational and Task Management
  • Start-Up Consultation and Entrepreneurial Mentoring
  • Accounting and Financial Reporting Evaluation and Instruction
  • Web Development Consulting
  • Sales and Marketing Consulting
  • Online and In-Person Seminars including Group Training and Motivation

Reviews and Recommendations

“Scott McMaster has been involved with several of our business concerns since early 2006. We trust Scott and find him honorable. He has consistently looked out for our interests and assisted us in many major changes over the years.” – Yuma AZ

“Scott was responsible for cleaning up several years of accounting errors. In the course of his investigation he uncovered embezzlement, and successfully worked with local law enforcement to bring about a conviction and full reimbursement of the stolen funds.” – San Luis AZ

“Scott McMaster has helped to improve our staff in ways that are not always easy to identify…but add up to happier, more productive and loyal employees for our companies.” – Houston TX

“If you as a business decide to use Scott, you will be fully satisfied. You will not be taking a chance… he is what he says he is, and he will do what he says he will do.” – Thermal CA

“When Scott was first employed the financial and accounting records were in quite poor condition. He was given the responsibility to implement systems and controls to straighten out the records. Scott accomplished these tasks quite well. He also implemented a new software system that has significantly improved financial reporting.” – Phoenix AZ

“We’ve hired Scott McMaster to consult with our employees on a variety of issues for over 10 years. We’ve had great experiences working with him, our office is definitely more functional and less stressful as a result of his work.” – King City CA

“Scott’s honesty, work ethic and personal integrity have been key components in our financial well-being and success.” – Yuma AZ

“Scott has trained and supervised accounting and operational staff and has interacted frequently with the BOD and the banks. We have benefited greatly from Scott’s efforts in the company.” – Yuma AZ