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A couple tools for manifesting what you want

Tools for Manifesting Your Desires - Tools for Manifesting Abundance

Need a little help manifesting something? Or changing your thoughts on a subject? Have you read The Secret but struggled to make it work for you? Here’s a couple tools that may help:

What do you want? Define it clearly. Get a mental image of it in your mind. If it’s something less tangible, use a mental image of the changes likely to occur if it manifests. A house or a car are easy to conjure up in your mind. A job when you’re unemployed may be more difficult. In the case of the job, picture yourself happily going to work. See yourself (happily) depositing your generous paycheck. See your bills paid and your savings account building. Create images in your mind.

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Hello joy – goodbye crappy thoughts

How do you do with positive thinking?  Most of us know the importance of it, and those who really work on it realize it’s not as easy as it seems like it should be. This is especially true if we’ve experienced a lot of negative thinking for a long time.

I’m fortunate now, but it wasn’t always this way. For every day that it’s a little difficult to hold blissful, hopeful thoughts (like yesterday was for me) there’s many more like today that I float through my day in bliss and joy, when everything feels like it’s going my way. What’s the difference? My own thoughts and intentions. I’ve been practicing living in joy for quite a while now, and it’s become pretty easy for me. On those days that I struggle, I love that I’m able to “pivot” back to inner peace and joy by remembering to do a little meditation, take a walk, or turn one of my favorite positive affirmation recordings (Here you can find out more about my favorite recordings). When I take care of myself like this, it’s only a short time until I’m “in the flow”. I talk about meditations and positive affirmation recordings quite a bit because they’ve been such a big piece of my own personal transition from pessimism and a life that didn’t work, to optimism and a life that most people only dream about.  My life is awesome, successful, healthful and joy-filled. Subconscious programming has been like a magic formula for me.

I’ve had my struggles, anyone that knows me, especially those that knew me 20-30 years ago will attest to that. Those struggles made it hard for me personally to think positively and optimistically. I learned the hard way that it’s not possible for most of us to be hopeless-thinking pessimists and accomplish big, desirable goals. The hopelessness and pessimism sidetracks us from continuing to move towards the goals. For me to become successful I had to let go of my hopeless thoughts, and instead embrace hopeful, joyful thoughts and expectations.

For big, awesome things to manifest, it helps to hold thoughts of what you want, and also hold the belief that for sure you’ll be getting it soon. Think of something huge that you really want, like a home or car, paid for, or a job that you make $XXXX a year and love to go to work every day because the job is so fun. First, practice thinking that it will be easy to experience this in your life because you know you’re as worthy and deserving of your desires as anyone. Now practice thinking about this as if it’s your reality. Think about the house as if you live in it, drive the car, go to the job, do this fantasy twice a day for 5 full minutes, every day for a week.

For most folks, resistance starts to come up at some point in time. While a few are successful at thinking this way initially, most of us have a hard time really holding the intentions and fantasies consistently. This is a good example of how we work against ourselves when we have emotional work to do. You know what you want, but parts of you are not in alignment with it. It doesn’t mean that you’re not supposed to have what you want, you are! Manifesting what we want is part of the fun of these lives. It simply means that there is some emotional work to be done before you’re able to manifest it.

It’s possible to really harness the power of the subconscious mind. I wasn’t very good at all this at first. I wrestled with my thoughts for a long time, angry at myself for not being able to think positively and hopefully all the time. Then I realized, this is way too much work!  Now if I don’t think positively on a subject, I use various different tools to fill my mind with positive thoughts and successful messages on that subject.

Don’t wrestle negative thoughts any more, it’s a waste of your time and energy, plus it’s just not fun, and really, life is supposed to be fun. Instead, find teachers and tools that make it joyful and comfortable holding positive thoughts and manifesting what you want.

Life never stops challenging us. We move through those challenges more rapidly, and in comfort and well-being with the right tools.