What is the definition of judgement? (And how does judgement f*ck up my karma?)

What is judgement? There’s good judgment, the kind that we strive to get better at… where we evaluate something (hopefully) accurately and make a (hopefully successful) decision. And then there’s being judgmental, or what I call limiting judgment.

The first I see as a wise and thoughtful judge’s decision in court, an example of the latter would be Nancy Grace giving a personal opinion with her lips pursed on Court TV.

The dictionary’s definition of judgement is “to judge, make a decision, or form an opinion objectively, authoritatively, and wisely”. I think this definition of judgment is partly why we think it’s ok to hold limiting judgments of ourselves and of others. The definition states that our judgment is objective, authoritative and wise. Most judgments we hold of ourselves and others are neither objective nor wise. (Authoritative yes… our egos really love to be right.)

Now define judgemental (or “judgemental people”, or “being judgemental”). For most of us, the word judgmental conjures up the idea of a limiting judgment, probably a limiting moral judgment. I bring this up because I believe this is where we get caught up. In limiting moral judgments, of both ourselves and others.

btw… how do you feel about the multiple ways I’m spelling judgment? Have you made any limiting moral judgments that I don’t know how to spell? Actually, the original spelling of the word is judgment, no e in the middle. However because so many people misspell the word as judgement, both spellings are now considered acceptable in many dictionaries. I could choose to entertain a limiting moral judgment that this softening of the spelling rules is contributing to the dumbing of our world. I don’t choose to hold that thought because there is no benefit in that thought for me, and there is negative consequences related to that judgment, for myself, for those that originally spelled the word “wrong”, and probably for those that participated in the softening of the official spelling. Let me explain.

The energy that occurs from a limiting judgment creates a dense energetic barrier between our human selves and our spiritual selves, or souls, that part of us that is Spirit. This dense barrier limits and filters the flow of energy from our Source. This limits the energy that heals us and supports us, and filters and distorts the loving and encouraging guidance that flows to us.  Regardless whether the judgments are aimed at yourself or another, there is energy created that is deposited into you, almost onto you. It comes from both the discordant feelings we send out by holding these limiting judgments, and also from the discordant thoughts and feelings sent back to us from whoever we hold in judgment.

These are some of the many reasons we work at evolving as spiritual beings. The more we resist gossiping about someone, or holding limiting judgments of ourselves or others, and the more we let go of anger and fear and resentment, the less of that discordant energy we create for ourselves and others. And the closer we become to our Spiritual selves.

When the limiting judgments occur, and we have a resentment, anger or judgment of another pop up in our minds, if we choose to release it and let go of it instead of reacting to it, everything changes. It’s possible to choose to love and adore ourselves and others, and forgive them and ourselves. It’s possible to completely let go of the discordant feelings and thought forms. It takes practice, but it is possible.  By deliberately letting go of these feelings and thought forms, and choosing to think and feel joyfully and hopefully, we raise the vibration not only of ourselves and the other person, but of the whole planet. Remember, we are all connected.

Another reason to release the judgments we’ve held of ourselves and others: fear. The more fear we live with the less we can be who we really are. Whether the judgment is causing the fear or whether the fear is causing the judgment, they’re in alignment with each other and causing havoc in your body and in your relationship with yourself when it’s present.

Since we create what we think about, since our thoughts become our reality, another reason to release judgment is because judgment brings us the opposite of what we want. Better wording might be: Holding judgments of ourselves or others causes us to experience more of what we’re judging. Usually that is specifically what we don’t want.

Have you ever deliberately gone fishing around inside of yourself for your limiting judgments of yourself or others? Do you love and adore everyone, and appreciate them for who and how they are, regardless of whether they’re different from you? If you have trouble seeing your own limiting judgments and fears, it might be helpful to look at the judgments and fears of your parents and your tribe growing up.

The first step is to own them. If you’ve got judgments right now, they’re yours. Let go of blame of yourself or anyone else for the fact that you possess them, or who you may have picked them up from. Just accept that they’re yours and own them.

Next, remember that you have free will. Without holding judgment for, or blaming yourself (or anyone else) for where you’re at, hold the intention to let all of those unwanted judgments go. I do this by stating the intention to release and live free of it…“I choose to live in joy, I choose to live free of that judgment, that judgment limits me and limits my joy. Right now, today I choose to let go of it, in only a kind and gentle way for myself and all others!” Then if/when those thoughts or feelings come up again in the future, I re-state my intention to live free of it. Eventually, those limiting judgments surface less and less in my thoughts, until they’ve dissipated fully. (btw… I know my stated intentions and prayers are kinda wordy, state yours however you’re comfortable.)

The way to clear limiting judgments is to release them as they occur, and as you’re aware of it. That’s all. Whenever you notice you’re being judgmental, state your intention to release and live free of it. We can never really experience unconditional love and warm-heartedness without letting go of our limiting judgments.

Have a thought to add? Please comment below. I’m interested in what you have to say.   ~Scott

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