What is that cramp in my stomach?!

What if… we each have our own means to guide us through our lives? What if each one of us has our own guidance system built-in? And what if all we have to do to live the life of our dreams is to understand how our guidance system works and follow it?  What if our lack of understanding about how our personal guidance system works, (and our mis-reading and mistaking the queues sent to us by it), is the true culprit when we find ourselves in periods of our lives that we’re receiving much of what we don’t want?

Our emotional guidance system is a mechanism, (or more accurately a series of mechanisms within each one of us) that can really help us maneuver joyfully through life.

When we think about (or observe or experience) something and feel totally blissful and calm inside, and the voice within us is either quiet or encouraging, our emotional guidance system is confirming that it’s cool to move forward in that direction. Deepak Chopra refers to this as you letting you know that what you’re observing is “karmically appropriate”.

“Karmically appropriate” = “Yeah! That’s cool! Go in that direction.”

One way our internal guidance system lets us know we’re going the wrong direction sometimes feels like a little pain in the stomach, (when your“gut” cramps up or isn’t calm). Take a look at the 3rd (Solar Plexus) chakra here… this “energy center” is one of many possible causes for stomach cramps or abdomen pains.

3rd Chakra Stomach Pain Cramp - Pain in the Stomach - Causes for Stomach Pain

Could that stomach pain or cramp be your emotional guidance system?

Our internal guidance system frequently uses our 3rd chakra to communicate to us. If you feel a gentle (or not-so-subtle) cramp in the area of your 3rd chakra, it’s possible that one of these things is happening:

1) you have emotional journeys to be taken related to what you’re feeling , experiencing or observing.  (In other words, something just triggered a fear inside you, a fear that may require you to feel, or cry, or “emote” a little to release it);  or

2) your thoughts are going in the wrong direction. (You’re allowing thoughts that are taking you in the opposite direction of your intentions and/or goals.)

Regarding the untaken emotional journey… “Untaken emotional journey” = “unresolved fear energy that’s now accompanied by an emotional response such as grief, sadness, panic, hopelessness, etc.” To find out if this is what causes stomach pains for you, locate and take the emotional journey(s) available to you. Move through the emotions and release the fears, and if the cramp goes away, it was your emotional guidance system. (Interested in learning how to locate and move through emotional journeys quickly and comfortably? Check out this great website here.) Mastering your emotions is one of the greatest gifts you’ll ever give yourself.

Regarding thoughts that are going in the wrong direction… try thinking different thoughts! If you have a tendency to think pessimistically, try for a few minutes allowing yourself to only think positive thoughts on any subject. Want to find out if this is one of the causes for your stomach cramps? Make it a point to hold positive, encouraging thoughts for an extended period of time, or distract yourself by watching something fun  and see if the cramp in your 3rd chakra goes away. (Would you like to hold more successful, positive thoughts? Try some of these positive affirmation recordings. I’ve used them myself, and have had really good success with all of them.)

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