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Scott’s Personal Relationship Series
Personal Relationships:
It’s not just about them
Personal Relationships:
Dealing with difficult interchanges
“Thank you. My work with you has helped my life greatly. I came to you to resolve and clear my feelings of negativity. I've achieved great results with your help." D.G., WA
Personal Relationships:
Living In Well Being
Personal Relationships:
The Gift of Failure
Almost 50% of all outpatient mental health patients have PTSD.

Rain - From the Ervie Isom Album, available here! Click play to listen.

Living In Well Being
Focused Well Being:
Helping Others Help Ourselves First
Focused Well Being:
Holding Yourself In Well Being
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Everyone has Desires
Reaching for Growth
Change Your Thoughts
Fear in Children
Fear: Clear the Road Blocks

People who have experienced trauma are 15 times more likely to attempt suicide.

The Perfection of Imperfection
"…here's an update on the session I had with Scott this afternoon. My back pain was really severe, and it is now almost gone! I've already had at least 90% relief and it's still diminishing…" S.A.
"I did some major releasing this week! I just wanted to let you know that I love your work. It’s bringing up more than I could have imagined. This has been so good for me. Thank you so much." S.H., Missoula, MT