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Scott’s Personal Relationship Series
Personal Relationships:
It’s not just about them
Personal Relationships:
Dealing with difficult interchanges
"I’m doing great! I’ve re-written my affirmations, I’m saying them, and coming up with new ones. I’m running through certain ones in my head more than other… I’m keeping them running through my head as much as I can. Anyway, I’m doing much better, I appreciate your time, and I’m appreciating being reconnected with my Higher Self. Thank you!" D.F., CA
Personal Relationships:
Living In Well Being
Personal Relationships:
The Gift of Failure

More than 13% of children reported being physically bullied, while more than 1 in 3 said they had been emotionally bullied.

Living In Well Being
Focused Well Being:
Helping Others Help Ourselves First
Focused Well Being:
Holding Yourself In Well Being
"…your time was immensely helpful to me…….and would love to talk to you again at some point." D., MT
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Expectation of Success
Everyone has Desires
In 1980, PTSD was recognized as a disorder with specific symptoms that could be reliably diagnosed and was added to the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.
Reaching for Growth
Change Your Thoughts
Fear in Children
Fear: Clear the Road Blocks

People who have experienced trauma are 15 times more likely to attempt suicide.

The Perfection of Imperfection
The traumatic events most often associated with PTSD for women are rape, sexual molestation, physical attack, being threatened with a weapon, and childhood physical abuse.