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Scott’s Personal Relationship Series
Personal Relationships:
It’s not just about them
Personal Relationships:
Dealing with difficult interchanges
According to the VA, experts estimate that up to 20% of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom veterans, up to 10% of Gulf War veterans, and up to 30% of Vietnam War veterans have experienced PTSD. Consequently, demand for PTSD treatment continues to grow.
Personal Relationships:
Living In Well Being
Personal Relationships:
The Gift of Failure
"Thanks for bringing these powerful tools to me. You really know how to pinpoint certain thought processes, and fine tune them and distinguish things with me. I am really thankful for our coaching. I love it. You are amazing. " J.S., Salinas, CA
PTSD affects about 7.7 million American adults in a given year, though the disorder can develop at any age including childhood. Symptoms include strong and unwanted memories of the event, bad dreams, emotional numbness, intense guilt or worry, angry outbursts, feeling “on edge,” and avoiding thoughts and situations that are reminders of the trauma.
Living In Well Being
Focused Well Being:
Helping Others Help Ourselves First
Focused Well Being:
Holding Yourself In Well Being
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Expectation of Success
Everyone has Desires
"I've been fortunate to have had both personal appointments/sessions with Scott McMaster, and I've also participated in his "Back to Joy" group seminars. Scott is very professional and capable, and Deep Bay Center has been an amazing place to experience this process in. I've been pleasantly surprised to feel such immediate effects from my work with Scott. The techniques that Scott uses, teaches, and guides and assists you through, have helped me to make amazing shifts in my perception of myself and my ability to love myself. The work has been a bit intense at time, but well worth the effort! I feel the benefits and effects immediately from Scott's techniques, and will continue to see him for help periodically with the on-going "bumps in the road". Thank you!" T.B., MT
Reaching for Growth
Change Your Thoughts
Fear in Children
Fear: Clear the Road Blocks
The Perfection of Imperfection
"I am so lucky to have found you. I started my spiritual quest one year ago. I had done much of my own healing with Reiki and meditation. But then I had a spontaneous Kundalini awakening and needed help with the energies I was having. Not only did you relieve the uncomfortable feelings, but you were able to remove much of the worry and fears that I carried with me every day. I look forward to working with you on a continuous basis to help me in my spiritual growth." P.L.