Understanding the Subconscious Mind

Understanding-the-SubconcioYour conscious mind is 10% of what you think, do, and act. Your sub-conscious is far more powerful and is the part of your mind that runs the show. Dealing directly with your sub-conscious allows you to give yourself positive suggestions that reach to the source of your behaviors and change them forever.

Through Guided Meditation you are able to reach a heightened level of awareness by communicating with your sub-conscious. It begins to reprogram itself after receiving the same, clear message approximately 20 or more times. While the number of repetitions needed to cause significant change is different for everyone, the long term benefits are powerful and amazing while setting the stage for beginning your new healthy lifestyle. The more relaxed you allow yourself to be, the faster the positive changes you are seeking will begin occurring for you. You’ll become aware of, and be able to address, your true feelings which may have been buried deeply within your psyche. By dealing with these inner truths you’ll be able to examine your real issues and discover the answers and strength you need for bringing change to your life.