The Benefits of Relaxation

The-Benefits-of-RelaxationWhen we refer to Relaxation, we usually refer to something that we do because we enjoy it. It generally lifts our mood and helps us to feel better. Relaxation is perhaps one of the most important skills you will use to gain control over your body and mind and has broad health benefits including the reduction of pain, stress, and restoration of sleep. Research has shown that learning Relaxation techniques can increase energy and decrease fatigue, as well as increase arousal from a drowsy state. Relaxation can increase motivation and productivity also improve your decision-making ability as well as lowering stress hormone levels and blood pressure. Decreased headaches and fewer stomach problems are other examples of health benefits related to Relaxation.

Relaxation techniques can give you the personal ability to make your body release chemicals and brain signals that make your muscles and organs slow down and increases blood flow to the brain. Drugs can do some of this for you, however, they often have unwanted side effects. You can get your body and mind to relax just as well without drugs while remaining conscious and aware at the same time. To be physically relaxed and mentally alert is the goal.

There are many ways of achieving true relaxation. Some examples of these techniques would be:

Progressive muscle relaxation.

Visual imagery.

Deep breathing.

Meditation and Self-hypnosis.

Many people with anxiety find that learning to relax can help them to manage feelings of panic or anxiety. Taking an opportunity to regularly clear your mind can also have great benefits in memory (because you learn to attend more closely to information and you remember it better!) Practicing Relaxation techniques on a daily basis can produce, over time, a general feeling of relaxation and increased well-being that benefits every area of your life. When you feel relaxed and at ease, you feel more in control which leads to calm, realistic responses.