Is there any news I can really trust?

Ponder for a minute why we’re fascinated with news. Or what we perceive as news. We feel like it’s our responsibility to watch, to follow, to act upon it. We depend on the flow of information on TV, the internet, Facebook and Twitter to make decisions, decisions such as whether we’ll be supporting a candidate or a cause, or wanting to stop a candidate or cause.

Most, if not all of what we read has a “spin” these days. Our opinions are automatically shaped by reading other’s spins. It can take reading a lot of other’s spins, from different perspectives to get a sense of the truth. Most don’t do that. Their opinions and decisions are formed based on the massive flow of PR & marketing put out by corporate firms supporting the politicians and special interest groups. Corporate news is not based on news, it is based on attracting the most attention. It has nothing to do with truth or reality. What is the end result? This new quasi-news incites some to great fear, and incites others to great indignation and opposition. It incites. It regularly blows my mind that someone educated and intelligent is making these editorial decisions. Why? Because stories with no purpose other than to incite attract people that want to be incited.

Things would work out so much better if we thought about only what we wantin our minds, fantasized our own personal “expectation of awesomeness” on the subject, and thought about that, repeatedly.

Our thoughts manifest our futures. What we focus our attention on we will eventually get more of. Allowing a steady diet of (frequently fabricated, altered or filtered) news stories on a certain theme, or with a certain slant or intention, will eventually bring more of that. In our thoughts and in our experiences, we will get more of what we focus our attention on.

What if the trend toward “entertainment-news” really does “program” the thoughts of large segments of society? The news folks aren’t just reporting what’s happening, they’re reporting it in a way to maintain their biases. To maintain their “brand”.  We live in a world of extremist, over-the-top entertainers being passed off as newspeople, and other extremist, over-the-top entertainers being passed off as newsworthy. And who watches a balance of more centrist programming? No, most who digest a lot of political news watch large quantities of one very biased perspective.

All that negative programming starts causing otherwise rational, reasonable people to lose their humanity and empathy.  When we allow ourselves to be affected by it we stop being warm-hearted, open-hearted and kind-hearted. And in that process we are no longer reasonable and rational.

When we choose to repeatedly pump a certain type of information into our thoughts we’re also asking to have more of that come into our experience. By watching large amounts of (biased) entertainment news, usually reporting on the atrocities of “the other side” we’re asking (and unconsciously intending) to receive more of exactly what we don’t want.

Anything that promotes an angry, hateful, emotional response, almost always has fear at it’s root. The next time you feel angry, hateful or prejudiced, ask yourself, “what is the fear?”  If you’re honest with yourself, it should become apparent to you pretty quickly, then release the fear and practice fantasizing about, and thinking about what you want. Take some loving, proactive actions to move things in the direction you desire. Fear or loathing of “the other side” will only produce more fear. Fear will never take us to warm-heartedness. Fear is what limits our ability to be open-hearted and kind.

Are you manifesting what you want? Is your world around you manifesting in a way that is pleasant and joyful and abundant for you? If not, turn your attention away from whatever you want less of, and spend some focused time every day thinking about what you do want.

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