I’m not gonna cry. I’m not gonna cry. I’m not gonna cry anymore.

What if… emotional journeys are a healthy part of a healthy life? They are, provided we let our shit go as we’re moving through it. When we hang onto drama or emotional turbulence (or re-create it) we gain much less forward movement from our emotional journeys.

Emotional journey = Moving through/past a fear energy that’s accompanied by a strong emotional response such as grief, sadness, panic, hopelessness, etc.

All of us have thoughts, memories, childhood fears, etc, that are limiting us, or have limited us at one time. The cat that scratched you or the dog that bit you when you were a toddler can cause much fear and carry much energy for you as an adult. Fears related to abandonment after your parent’s divorce can linger for decades. And it’s not just childhood experiences that cause fears. At different times of my life I’ve had loved one’s illnesses, a failed business, and painful relationship breakups, all profoundly affected me.

Some I moved past easily. Others not so much. Some of these experiences left me with large, untaken emotional journeys that limited me for many years.

So how do I release them? First, by allowing myself to acknowledge the fears. One by one, I ask myself “what are the fears I came out of this painful experience with?” As I face the fears, I allow myself to feel the emotions of sadness, fear, loss, hopelessness or grief that accompany them, with the intention of releasing it all and letting it go.

So many people fear crying. No one dies from crying, we die from the shit we don’t allow ourselves to cry about. The great majority of us here die from the unresolved fear and pain that we’ve suppressed and refused to allow to surface. And before we die from these unresolved issues, we live in physical, mental and emotional pain and suffering related to them.

To get past it we have to go through it. To go through it we have to allow it to the surface, accept and own it, move through it, and then choose to let go of it.

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