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5 Steps to Physical Well-Being

What’s your wellness number?

So how’s your body feeling today? Scan it, beginning at the top of your head, and move slowly down to your feet. As you do, count all of your “attention grabbers”… all the aches and pains, illnesses and other discomforts all the way down. What’s your number?

If your number is 0, and it really is ZERO, awesome! Chances are you’re already doing much of what you need to, to keep yourself in physical well-being. This article may help you avoid some areas you could be at risk for physical challenges in the future.

If your number is 1-3, you probably could use a little help. Read on and let’s see if we can help you get that number down a bit.

If your number is 4 or more, read, read and read this again! Holy smokes friend, you deserve to feel so much better than you are. And if you only take one thing away from this post, please take this: It is possible for you (yes, you!) to feel good, and to live in physical well-being.

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