About Scott

Scott McMaster


Scott has been a successful life coach and business coach/consultant for over 30 years. At an early age he built a strong work ethic, and developed excellent people skills working in his family’s business. He began his career as an agricultural accountant in Santa Cruz County, CA in the late ’70s, working with growers, food processors and growers coops. In the late ’80s he began working as a business consultant, coaching owners, managers and employees in many different multi-million dollar companies.

In the early 2000s Scott took a couple years off business coaching and consulting to seek the answers to life’s deeper questions. After multiple years of studying with dozens of enlightened and compassionate spiritual and life mentors, Scott combines a wealth of business knowledge and experience, with both compassion and an understanding of human nature and human challenges. His knowledge, experience and wisdom is evident to those seeking his services.

From business owners and corporate CEO’s, to individuals struggling to reach their potential, Scott has assisted and mentored people to master their lives. Whether struggling with what’s keeping them from living in joy and realizing their potential, or to help them unlock the doors and reach personal life goals or successful career goals, Scott is a powerful guide to assist on the path of life.

A successful entrepreneur, Scott is owner, founder, or part-owner in multiple, successful business endeavors. Personal coaching clients find him very successful at assisting those with past traumas or PTSD, to move beyond grief and hopefulness, and into well-being. Scott currently resides in Arizona with his partner of 18 years and their furry kids. Their daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren live nearby.

"I very much appreciate how generous, open-hearted and kind you are to work with. I also appreciate how empathetic you are, how easily and sincerely you connect with the emotions of others. Both my personal appointments with you, as well as your "Back to Joy" group seminars that I've participated in have been very helpful. I feel pretty great these days! Thank you." R.S., Lakeside, MT

"I did some major releasing this week! I just wanted to let you know that I love your work. It’s bringing up more than I could have imagined. This has been so good for me. Thank you so much." S.H., Missoula, MT

"Scott is very warm, caring, and patient, not to mention unbelievably accurate. My phone appts have been totally beneficial and worthwhile. I was amazed at the progress we made in just the first appointment. I started noticing improvements immediately. The benefits I have received from just a few phone appts have been so much more than I could have ever hoped for. I cannot recommend Scott enough. He has helped me to change my life. I hope others have the chance to see and experience the joy I am now living!" R.M.C., Canoga Park, CA