About Focused Well-Being


Focused Well-Being is a technique created by Life Mastery Coach Scott McMaster. The technique consists of letting go of the past, while Focusing Well-Being where the challenges and discord used to be.

Scott has been a successful life coach for over 15 years.

Combining great compassion with a deep understanding of human nature and human challenges, Scott specializes in Emotional Well-Being and Emotional Mastery.

From business owners and corporate CEO’s, to individuals struggling to reach their potential, Scott has assisted and mentored people to master their lives. Whether struggling with what’s keeping them from living in joy and realizing their potential, or to help them unlock the doors and reach personal life goals or successful career goals, Scott is a powerful guide to assist on the path of life.

Personal coaching clients find him very successful at assisting those with past traumas or PTSD, to move beyond grief and hopefulness, and into well-being.

Scott currently resides in Arizona with 3 furry kids. His daughter, son-in-law and granddaughters live nearby.