Personal Development Coaching

Most of us have some blind spots... about ourselves, our relationships, businesses, etc. Especially if it's something important to us, it's easy to have our emotions get involved. Most of us need someone to help us see our blind spots.

It is possible to disable the patterns and triggers that keep great people's lives out-of-balance. By locating and eliminating the patterns and triggers that feed fear and anxiety a life with self-confidence and balance becomes possible. It is possible to have a life where everything works.

Business Development Coaching

With 30 years of business experience, I work with you to pinpoint the areas of your business that are not performing and that are keeping it from reaching true potential. Just like the people in it, your business is a living, breathing entity. The well-being of your business and it's work force are deserving of true success at every level.

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The Benefits of working with Scott

  • Maintain Healthy Relationships

    Start learning how to maintain and enjoy healthy relationships personally and professionally.

  • Increase efficiency and productivity

    Build productive habits both at work and at home. Success in whatever you do will soon follow.

  • Master your own destiny

    Learn how to take control of your life instead of feeling like life is controlling you.


Thanks for bringing these powerful tools to my awareness. You really know how to pinpoint certain thought processes, to fine tune them, to really distinguish things with me..